Useful Links

These are links to yoga organisations in the UK and India which train or register teachers in the same tradition as myself:

Association for Yoga Studies (UK):

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (India):

Society of Yoga Practitioners (UK):

These are links to other yoga organisations in the UK and US which train or register yoga teachers and therapists to high standards:

International Association of Yoga Therapists (US):

The British Council for Yoga Therapy of which I am currently Chair, is a body composed of training organisations, such as TSYP, who train yoga therapists to standards agreed with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council  See the BCYT website for a list of these organisations and their own websites for yoga therapists who have trained to these standards.

The Yoga Therapy Association is a professional community of these yoga therapy practitioners drawn from a number of different traditions

The British Wheel of Yoga has been training people to be yoga teachers for over 50 years (I used to be one of their trainers) and currently offers a series of modules in different aspects of yoga therapy, as further training for their teaching members.

This is a link to my yoga bookshop where signed print copies of Breath for Health can be purchased by readers in the UK, at least until I depart for India on 23 January

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