Breath for Health by Michael Hutchinson is now launched worldwide. See below to order!

A concise self-help handbook on how to improve your breathing. It’s based on a centuries-old understanding of the breath-mind-body relationship, backed by current medical research.

Your breath is both a friend and a force which can open you up to breathe in a better way. Starting as a complete beginner, you can, step-by-step, restore your natural breathing cycle, so easily lost due to health issues or to physical or emotional stresses.

You can work through the exercises at your own pace, guided by advice, clear instructions, illustrations, encouragement and inspirational anecdotes. In time, you can enjoy a more open, upright posture, speak more confidently and have a deeper sense of well-being.

You’ll be ready to start traditional yoga breathwork (Pranayama) should you wish. This book, recommended by some of the world’s most experienced yoga teachers, will also fill a longstanding gap if you’re a teacher of yoga, mindfulness or personal growth, a physiotherapist or a psychotherapist.

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